Security Professionals and Defense Base Act Insurance


Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Mid-High income housing
  • Banks
  • Office Buildings
  • Patrol Work
  • Construction Sites
  • Government Facility Contracts


  • General & Professional Liability
    • Errors & Omissions Endorsement
    • Lost Key Coverage
    • Care, Custody, Control Coverage
    • Assault & Battery Coverage
    • Terrorism Coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation
    • Available in Most States
    • Monoline Available
    • Guaranteed Cost
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability
    • In House Binding Authority up to $10M
  • Auto
  • Crime
  • Property
  • Inland Marine

Defense Base Act Insurance

Per US Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), US-funded public works or national defense contracts overseas (OCONUS) require Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance coverage for employees and contractors assigned to the contract. DBA is mandatory unless a country waiver is provided by the Department of Labor. Triggers for DBA include:

  • Working on contracts approved and funded by the US under the Foreign Assistance Act
  • Working for private employers on US military bases or on any lands used by the US for military purposes outside of the United States
  • Working for American employers who provide welfare or similar services outside of the US for the benefit of the Armed Forces
  • Working on public work contracts with any US government agency

What is covered:

Medical Treatment: Medical care related to the employment injury or illness is included and is payable for as long as the injury or illness requires.

Disability Compensation: Temporary or total disability benefits are payable based on wage loss or based upon percent of loss of use of specified body part.

Death Benefits: Death benefits as a percentage of salary will be paid to surviving spouse or children. The percentage is determined based on the number of dependents and will continue through age 23 for children if they are in school full-time.

Vocational Benefits: For employees residing in the United States, vocational rehabilitations services must be made available to permanently disabled employees unable to return to employment without assistance.